We can offer steam hose in all sizes, steel reinforced, up to 18 bar pressure and 210 degrees.


Steam 6 bar (90 psi) - Hot water 15 bar (225 psi)
FDA - 3-A - arrêté du 09/11/94 D

  • Tube: white EPDM.
  • Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords.
  • Cover: blue EPDM - heat, abrasion and ozone resistant.
  • Application: saturated steam and hot water delivery in general industrial applications. Specially designed for wash down use in the food and dairy industry.
  • Also suitable for liquid food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Constant operation: water -40 °C +120 °C (-40 °F +248 °F) steam +165 °C (+330 °F)


Steam 18 bar (270 psi) - Steel braided

  • Tube: black conductive EPDM.
  • Reinforcement: one or two high tensile steel wire braids.
  • Cover: red EPDM - heat, abrasion and ozone resistant - pin pricked.
  • Application: saturated and superheated steam.
  • Constant operation: -40 °C +210 °C (-40 °F +410 °F) intermittent to 232 °C (450 °F)

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