CCH Agricultural Hose


Situated in East Anglia, CCH Hose is at the heart of the UK’s agriculture industry and is surrounded by distributors and Cambridgeshire farms that rely on us for all their fluid transfer needs. We provide hoses best equipped for the use of pumping drains, flood water and surface water which are highly sought after, depending on the time of the year. Accompanying these we supply a variety of Valves, BSP, Camlock, Storz, Bauer and Wright Rain fittings to suit.

We supply tens of thousands of metres of specially-formulated irrigation layflat every year

Specialising in irrigation layflat hose, we supply thousands and thousands of metres of irrigation layflat over the course of the year, to customers up and down the country. Our layflat is a specially-formulated black nitrile rubber, extruded through the circular fabric interior and with a smooth black exterior. Highly resistant to abrasion and intensive use, it can be dragged easily and without causing damage. We offer bore sizes varying from 1½” up to 8” and working pressures 8 bar to 30 bar. Again, we can offer Wright Rain and Bauer fittings to suit.

CCH Agricultural Layflat Hose

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